Biobased Transformer Oil Market Study by Distribution Transformer Manufacturers

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Distribution transformer manufacturers are sharing this study of biobased transformer oil market to provide complete analysis of the business models, key strategies and market shares of the top most players in this sector.

Transformers are being used everywhere, and every distribution and power transformer has a mechanism of dielectric insulating fluid that provide high resistance to electricity and lower the transformer temperature. Manufacturers in the past were producing dielectric fluid from mineral-oil, which is derived from crude oil. Today, biobased transformer oil is being manufactured without harming the environment. Biobased transformer oil also performs better than mineral oil products.

Biobased transformer oil is a latest product in the market as it is produced from vegetable oil feedstock. This means the oil doesn’t have silicone, petroleum hydrocarbons, and halogens. It degrades rapidly when there is a leakage or spillage and doesn’t release toxins. The biobased transformer oil offers better fire resistance unlike mineral oil. Manufacturers compose this oil with soybean or other vegetable oils and antioxidants and other additives.

The best thing about biobased transformer oil is that you can recondition and reuse it in another transformer regardless of how many number of years it has been used for in the transformer.

Nowadays, manufacturers are more alert and focusing on R&D team to bring the most effective transformer oil to the market. The team of scientists and researchers are testing nanofluids that can be used in transformers and biobased oil would be added to it to enhance the thermal stability and electrical properties of the transformer oil.

Global biobased transformer oil market – dynamics

Power utilities are focusing on improving the safety, operational and environmental performance of existing and new transformers to provide reliable and cleaner power to the users. Dielectric insulating fluids like biobased transformer oil are used to achieve high-performance transformer insulation. This boosts the demand for biobased transformer oil and also improves market growth.

Biobased transformer oil has to do certain things to compete with mineral oil based products. Overcoming from inherent stability based on the existence of poly-saturated products present in the natural oil is on top of the list.

However, the cost of biobased transformer oil is more than the mineral oil with several notable exceptions. Due to expensiveness, it becomes difficult to convince the users to change the mineral oil based products for biobased transformer oil. The oil also consumes more energy during manufacturing phase and this brings extra costing to the manufacturer. Energy consumption is one of the key challenges determined in the global biobased transformer oil market.


India and China has low demand for bio based transformer oil as compared to North America, Latin America, and Europe. Asia-Pacific is the major consumer of the biobased transformer oil.

Distribution transformer manufacturers have prepared this report with qualitative and quantitative assessment using the inputs of industry experts and participants. If you have any confusion or query, you can simply ask in the comment section. Manufacturers will answer all your queries. 

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