Low voltage transformers ideal for doorbells

Friday, May 17, 2019

Doorbells require step down transformers that have a function of reducing 120V to lower voltage at which doorbells operated. Low voltage transformers manufacturers usually have these transformers at their facility. For modern electric chimes, you require 16V AC whereas older bells require 12V-14V AC.

Low voltage transformers are designed for applications that need low voltage at operation mode. These transformers are available with single voltage secondaries, center- tapped, two voltage secondaries or multitapped, and multiple voltage secondaries.

Fixed voltage transformers

Fixed voltage transformers intended for bells are step-down transformers stepping 120V to the voltage needed by the installed doorbell at home. These transformers have fixed voltage secondary 120V that step down to 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 V.

Center tapped transformer

Center tapped doorbell transformers offer a dual voltage output of 5 and 10, 6 and 12, 8 and 16, or 7 and 14. If your home has an older 6V doorbell, you will need a 5, 6, or 7 volt transformer to operate the doorbell. Your 8V doorbell requires 7V or 8V transformer.

Multiple tapped transformer

Multiple tapped secondary transformer is a universal type transformer that is function supply different range of voltages. Some have taps that offer all the nominal voltages for any system you may see with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16V.

A doorbell operates at low voltage and has a transformer that converts voltages and a switch that complete the circuit. Such simple circuit and low voltages enable doorbells to troubleshoot before problems arise.

The current run through household circuits is usually 120V. There are some circuits that require over 200V, such as electric cloth dryers, washing machine, etc. As doorbells have low voltage requirement, the step down transformer can be used to operate them. The doorbell transformer are usually hardwired and mostly placed near your electrical panel or on the electrical panel.

Why builders choose electrical panel as a doorbell transformer location?

Generally, builders choose electrical panel to locate the doorbell transformer since it enables for easy and speedy access and replacement when the transformer wears out. This location is perfect for a doorbell transformer and often used by builders in their project. However, there are times when some doorbell transformers are placed at different location but electrical panel i still a good place to install low voltage transformer.

Can one place low voltage transformer at garage?

You may have seen low voltage transformers installed in garages as they enable easy access and are visible through naked eyes. A typical doorbell transformer is surface mounted to avoid overheating. Garage can be a good option to install low voltage transformer.

If you have no plans for adding a smart doorbell at present, you can still use a powerful transformer that would be compatible with your future smart doorbell. There are some homes where wiring runs are extremely long and you might require a higher voltage 24V transformer to operate your smart doorbell.

Whatever you decide, make sure you source the product from the reliable low voltage transformers manufacturers available in the local market. It’s a best place to find great deals at competitive prices. 

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