Things To Keep in Mind while Making Candies

Friday, August 16, 2019

Candies are liked by both kids and grow ups. They come in various shapes and sizes. Candy manufacturing business not only provides great returns but is also very viable as; in the current future the demand for candies will only rise.

Keeping in mind the demand for candies, with new and advanced technologies various new forms of candies are coming into being. There was a time when candies were manufactured in only few shapes and had only a couple of flavours but now with customers demand new and custom made orders are possible. People are able to draft any kind of candies in any size and shape. Confectionery manufacturers india are at a rise. However in order to make your business grow and become more successful following are few of the thins which must be kept in mind.


The most common shape for a candy is indeed the round shape or the oval shape. Not only they are easy to manufacture but is one of the most convenient shape for consumption. Other than oval and round shapes new and versatile shapes are in demand such as the heart shaped, cane candy shape, teddy bear etc. These are liked by kids and kids get fascinated by these kinds of shapes.


Since candies are sucked than bite therefore while manufacturing candies it is important to keep in mind the size of each candy. Since they are eaten by kids whose mouth size is small therefore make sure to size them accordingly. Candies which are big in sizes are very difficult to suck therefore, in spite of their huge fascination; they can suffer from falling demand


Candies are available in different colours which are attractive as well as colourful. The colour of the candy also gives us an idea of the flavour .for e.g. red colour candy is normally strawberry or raspberry flavour, however a yellow colour candy is lemon and a green colour candy is apple and lime flavour so on and so forth.


packaging plays a very important role in deciding the sale of a candy. Not only does it make it look attractive and mention important information about the candy such as ingredients used and the price but also safeguards the candy against external agents such as moisture and insects.


As mentioned above candies are available in various flavours and the colour of the candy gives an idea about the flavour, therefore it is very important to provide an insight about the flavour from outside. Kids normally like strawberry flavour; orange flavour candies however other less known flavour such as peppermint and honey flavour are likes by grownups.


Last but not the least, which is also one of the most important factor is the price of each unit of a candy. It is important to price it competitively as candies generally satisfy a craving or a taste bud and is not an source to full fill hunger therefore it should be price properly so that its demand is not effected. Candies have several competitors such as gummies, chocolate etc. Therefore in order to maintain its demand, pricing should be done accordingly.

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