Why Indian Cylinder Liners ?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Cylinder liners are an important component in the automotive industry. Used in engines, these liners are also used in other transportation vehicles like ships. This is an important component because it is used to protect the engine and prolong its life. In most cases these small parts are sourced from the SME sector. India has emerged as a main cylinder liner supplier in the international market, specialising in both wet and dry liners.

Cylinder Liner Manufacturing in India

India is one of the leading hubs of manufacturing of cylinder liners. It supplies to the huge domestic industry as well as some of the biggest names in automotive manufacturing. Cylinder liner India are in demand for their quality, workmanship and economic pricing. The main centres for cylinder liner manufacturing are Rajkot, Mumbai, Gujarat, Kanpur, Gurgaon and Vijayawada. These centres are today supplying to some of the topmost names in the automotive industry, both in the domestic and international sector.

The features of Indian cylinder liners are:

•  Cylinder liner production is largely limited to the SME sector.

•  This is a fiercely competitive sector with contenders in the domestic and international markets.

•  A fine finish of cylinder surface that are machined to perfection. The machining is necessary to ensure superior performance. It is also necessary for the more in-demand dry cylinder liners.

•  Use of centrifugal casting process to make liners.

•  Strict economy at every step of the production process to ensure a competitive advantage.

•  Thin-walled liners without any compromises on quality.

But why are cylinder liner India in demand now? What makes the ‘Made in India’ label desirable? In other words, why should one get a liner made in India. There are many reasons behind the success of the Indian industry and why Indian products are in demand.

Strong domestic demand: For any industry to thrive, a strong domestic demand can be a huge motivating factor. For small industries this can be very influential. A strong local demand means that manufacturers find buyers easily in the very crucial stages of the development of the product. A strong local industry also means that there is a constant need and push for improvements. It gives an impetus to the growth within the local industry, including the suppliers.

Most manufacturers of cylinder lines in India belong to the SME sector. The growing automotive industry means that there is a thriving local market for them. Since this industry is growing at a healthy rate, the suppliers like liner manufacturers also expect favourable forecasts. The push from the local industries has helped them to improve their own processes and look at the international markets.

Machining capability

Dry cylinder liners need extensive machining. This is an important to create the right fit and functioning of the liner. Machining is an added requirement and it requires a certain technical expertise and equipment with the manufacturer. India has an edge here because of the presence of many CNC companies. Some manufacturers do their machining in-house, while some outsource it to CNC experts.

Push for R&D

Increasingly there has been a push for research and development within the industry. Part of this comes from the automotive industry. Fierce competition means that every manufacturer is looking for better performing engines that are light and efficient. This has given push to the R&D in cylinder liners, especially in dry cylinder liners. As a result we are seeing more excellence and innovation in manufacturing of cylinder liner India.

Availability of expertise

The manufacturing of cylinder liners needs the availability of expertise in the manufacturing workforce. We need skilled people on the factory shop floor, machining experts and automotive engineers. India can make a space because it has a ready availability of such a workforce. One can find the numbers and experience.

Strict quality check

This is critical in the automotive industry where the components must be up to par. Defective parts can be affect the safety and security of the engine operation. This is a highly regulated sector and so parts suppliers also have to maintain very high quality standards. Most established Indian suppliers will have the requisite standard certifications.

Economy in production

One of the reasons India is such an attractive destination for international manufacturers is because it provides excellent economy in production. The cost of parts in India is considerably lower. Low procurement costs coupled with low about costs make cylinder liner India cheaper than parts made in most of the Western or Asian manufacturing destinations.

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