Why laboratories cannot do without hot air ovens?

Friday, February 14, 2020

The hot air oven is an electrical device that is used in the numerous industries. The device uses hot dry condensation for the purification of the products applied in the industries. The manufacturing ovens have diverse kinds which are used for the dissimilar applications such as Curing, Annealing, Baking, Heating, Drying, Sterilization, Pre-Heating and so on. There are numerous kinds of industries that use numerous kinds of the products to practice them as the ultimate product. The process and application kind matters most when purchasing an oven for your business. It is even good to select the product intelligently after examining the essential points.

Hot air oven is broadly used in the medicinal industry to neuter the equipment and additional materials that are used in a laboratories. It is even applied for giving the heat treatment to the product. It works on the principle of dry heat to sterilize the products which are used in various industries. When it comes to medical industry the sterilization procedure is not limited to dry heating and dry sterilization.

While selecting A Hot Air Oven Pay Attention on the Subsequent Points:-

•          Internal chamber sizes

•          Inner chamber structure

•          The amount of option and shelf to remove it

•          Temperature variety

•          Temperature compassion

•          Electric supply

•          Radiator supply

•          Overall dimensions of the device

•          Net weight of the unit

Working Principle Of A Hot Air Oven

1.The Hot air oven functions very nicely to disinfect the products created in the dissimilar industries with the help of dry heat to keep them harmless.

2. It is best at killing the bacteria from the products in the procedure of purification which is the foremost motive of handling the products.

3. The internal chambers of the devices are shaped to make a pressure as to ofefr a good air circulation.

4. The device is used in the medicinal applications that validates that it is harmless for the baby products.

5. It is even used in the drying, heating, and baking procedures besides the development of sterilization of the products.

With the Super efficiency of experienced Hot air oven manufacturers, they have been able to design and improve a maintainable range of Lab Autoclaves. These high quality products are invented in well separated locations and by paying forward-thinking techniques. These are manufactured with the help of excellent quality raw material that is acquired from the leading vendors in the market in many shapes and designs as per the modifications requirements of customers.

Stability Chamber (Humidity Oven) are made for testing product shelf, life, constancy and wrapping electronic test. It is best fitted for the slight procedure of drying and heating of basic substances. The soundless operation of the device is additional feature that makes it dependable.


•   Specially made to meet ICH strategies for constancy testing

•   Double walled having internal 304 S.S chamber and external finished in epoxy powder coated shade

•   Controls are modest solid state to set straight humidity RH and temperature on digital indicator

•   An independent window heater on glass window of main door helps visibility for test by eliminating condensation

•   A flawlessly designed cooling system to operate any temperature from 10 c to 70 c temperature accuracy: ±1 c

•   Boilers are having solid state auto on level controller

•   CFC free cooling system includes hermetically sealed compressor, fan motor & condenser

•   Humidification from steam flow on movement. Humidity levels from 30 percent RH to 6% RH humidity stability

•   Air circulation system safeguards more constancy of condition

•   Drops are S.S wire mesh 3 shelves with each and every units as standard

•   It works well with a digitally controlled interface to manage the heat.


The hot air ovens one of the most effective for industrial use and laboratory use is in trend. In laboratories, the product like glass flasks or cylinders coated with foil, nylon or glass syringes, glass take a look at tubes, glass or aluminum Petri dishes, metal needles, lancets and extractor, dry swabs in glass pipettes, glass tubes, graduated and Pasteur along with the ends blocked, bottles with aluminum superior with polymer linings, etc. safe to use with the ovens. Though, the preceding product ought to be dry before use and will be sterilized inside sixty degrees C.

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