Why Navratna considered as ‘auspicious gems’ by astrologers?

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Navratna is a group of nine auspicious gems that relate nine planets of the universe. Best astrologer in India and abroad use the navratna in vedic astrology. It is believed that the wearer of navratna gems will have good health, prosperity, peace of mind, and happiness. Be it the ring or pendant, navratna wards off negative energies or malefic effects of nine planets. It also strengthens the positive influences of the nine gems for the wearer.

The nine gems used for making navratna jewelry –

1.      Diamond – Diamond represents power, wealth, and success over enemies. Diamonds are considered as purest product in the mineralogy and gemology. Almost every gemstone is made up of complex carbon-silicates and has metal inclusions, but diamonds is a magnificent carbon allotrope. It’s major benefits are-

a.      Improve and enhance health and beauty

b.     Enhance intellectual skills

c.      Provide peace of mind

d.     Diamond helps enhance love and romance

e.     It helps and heals issues related to eyes, throat, digestive system, sexual organs, kidney, etc.

2.      Ruby – Natural ruby is red and linked to passion and love. The heat and intensity of the Ruby gemstone revitalize the system of the wearer and help them stay away from depression. The emperors and kings have worn the ruby jewelry as a mark of authority and luxury. In medical astrology, ruby gemstone helps wearer in restoring vitality and solving issues related to eyesight and blood circulation.

Benefits of Ruby gemstone-

a.      Helps in building carrier

b.     Enhance leadership skills

c.      Protects against evil spirits, ghosts, and negative energies

d.     Enhance creativity

e.     Help in removing the fear and depression

f.       Improve self-confidence

g.      Enhance marital relationship

3.      Emerald – Emerald is a valuable gemstone having multiple benefits. Astrologers usually import emerald from countries like Russia, South America, Columbia, Brazil, India, Zambia, Pakistan, etc. The gemstone emerald is linked to planet Mercury. As per the famous astrologers, any person with weak mercury can encounter issues related to this planet. This is why they recommend wearing emerald ring or pendant to such person to solve such issues. Major benefits of emerald are-

a.      Ensure peaceful and harmonious married life

b.     Wearer of emerald has power to hold money

c.      Kids can concentrate on their work or studies by wearing emerald

d.     Nightmares and their negative effects and evil spirits are nullified

e.     Enhance faithfulness and love of a couple

f.       Protects against fake friends (emerald changes its color when fake friends are around)

g.      Pregnant women can wear emerald to reduce labor pain and time by regulating blood circulation and lowering stress

4.      Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj or yellow sapphire holds a very special place in astrology. A person with zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Pisces can wear this gemstone. Major benefits of yellow sapphire-

a.      Provide marital happiness and satisfaction

b.     Enable wearer to take right decisions

c.      Heal ailments of the kidney, mouth, cough, rheumatism, and fever

d.     Develop strong bond of friendship

e.     Reduce body fat

5.      Garnet – Garnet is a semi-precious gemstone that protects wearer against evil spirit.

a.      Garnet reduces depression

b.     It detoxifies blood and keeps the heart healthy

c.      Make functioning of lungs better

d.     Ensures safe travelling

e.     Stimulates all chakras in body and gives immense strength and balance

6.      Blue Sapphire – blue sapphire or neelam is recommended by astrologers to bring love and wealth in the life. Blue sapphire is a dangerous gemstone since it doesn’t suit everyone. It is necessary to ask professional astrologer before wearing this gemstone.

a.      Bring financial benefits to wearer

b.     Free the person from mental anxiety

c.      Surgeons, machinists, mechanical engineers, doctors, astrologers, scientists, soldiers, and archeologists can wear blue sapphire

7.      Pearl / moonstone – It represents purity, happiness, and prosperity. Wearer of pearl/moonstone can have success over enemies.

8.      Zircon / topaz – This gemstone helps in achieving wealth and success in legal affairs.

9.       Cat’s eye – This gemstone protects wearer from spirits and fire.

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